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“I knew that I was in good hands when I came to Ms. Adele for my fashion consultation. Her style exemplifies a perfect combination of classic, trendy and fun, with an emphasis on being comfortable. She has a talent for pulling together the perfect look!” ~ Lori

“I took a trip with Adele, and while she only packed one suitcase, she always looked like she had just walked out of a magazine!  I asked her to help me with wardrobe. We spent the afternoon weeding out my closet, and despite the fact that many clothes went to the donation pile, I just love what we did. There is so much more room, I can see everything. She made a chart as a reminder for me and I follow this chart and coordinate many outfits I never would have thought about putting together. I am more confident about my image now. She really knows this stuff….it’s so natural for her. She is my personal favorite Style Coach!” ~ Paulette

“You don’t know shopping until you have shopped with Adele. Every time I shop with her I learn something new about myself. She has an incredibly keen eye for color and knows how to expand the wardrobe with minimal additions. She knows what few pieces will add several new looks to what I already own. Working as a consultant, my image conveys my credibility. I believe Adele has helped me be successful in my business. She is a GREAT resource and I’m so happy to have found her.” ~ Charlene

“We did this exercise about style personality and she used this to help me see what styles would not only look great but also would help me feel comfortable. Her approach was very much about me. She is not directive, she works with you to help you discover the look that best suits your figure and personal goals. We met at our gym and after having the initial consultation, I want more so I am planning on asking her to do my closet. She is extremely kind, listens very carefully and pointed to some good qualities to capitalize, that I did not know I had. She really is a coach for style. It has been a wonderful life changing experience. I can’t believe the confidence I have gained in myself.”   ~ Ann

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