Look your best with Ms. Adele's help.Style for Women

The services below are designed to help you create your Trademark Style in a way that meets you where you are today. Choose one of the services or combine several for special pricing. You’ll be making a great investment in yourself!

Your Style Personality

Do the clothes you wear tell your story? Are you a classic, natural, romantic, dramatic, or creative? Once you know your style personality, you will understand what clothes make will make you feel the best. As a result, you will no longer buy clothes that sit in your closet unworn because you’re just not quite comfortable wearing them. Learning your style personality is the first step in embracing your authentic self! 1 ½-2 Hours  $150

Meet Your Authentic Self

Finding the correct cut, and right fit can take inches off your appearance. Clothing needs to fit and drape properly to emphasize your best features and camouflage those areas that are less than perfect—and no one is perfect! I’ll teach you the magic of textile illusion and proper garment fitting that will make the most of your best assets.You’ll receive an individualized portfolio of the best shapes and cuts for your body type and a figure with detailed measurements so you can look at a garment, measure it, and know whether it will fit without even going to the dressing room. 2 ½ to 3  Hours $225-300

Adele offers color consulting to help you identify the colors that will make you look your best.Color Confidence

A key difference between looking so-so and looking fabulous is choosing the right colors— both in makeup and clothing. Subtle variations in color are important here—for example, which shade of blue or yellow is just right for you? Identifying your best colors guides you in making clothing choices which will complement your skin tone, hair, and eyes. You’ll receive a reference booklet of color pyramids which defines your best colors and accent colors. The Color Confidence consultation includes basic skin care and makeup recommendations. Through strategic partnerships with makeup artists and estheticians, I can provide you with professional referrals for guidance and services to improve your skin’s radiance and youthful luminosity. 2 Hours $150

Working Your Wardrobe

Do you stand in your closet packed with clothes and can’t find a thing to wear? Do you need to go out shopping for any special event that comes up? Do you have a method for organizing your closet? After discovering your authentic style personality, it’s time to edit your closet and organize your garments. We will completely empty its contents, and after careful evaluation, determine which items need alteration, which need a new home, and which earn a place in your new wardrobe. You will receive a photo wardrobe plan and “need list” to fill in the gaps. You’ll feel ready for any event and look fabulous in your new trademark style! 3+ Hours —$350 and up

shopping womanShop with Confidence

I will shop for you or we can have a great adventure together! I will teach you how to look for quality, where to find the most unique pieces, and where to find the best prices for quality items. $85/hour

Shop with Friends

Do you consider shopping to be a team sport? I’ll design a fun and informative event for you and your friends for a special occasion or just for a fun day. Group support and friendship is a terrific way to start the journey of discovering your trademark style. Let me create a special package for you.

“You don’t know shopping until you have shopped with Adele. Every time I shop with her I learn something new about myself. She has an incredibly keen eye for color and knows how to expand the wardrobe with minimal additions. She knows what few pieces will add several new looks to what I already own. Working as a consultant, my image conveys my credibility. I believe Adele has helped me be successful in my business. She is a GREAT resource and I’m so happy to have found her.” ~ Charlene

The Style Coaching packages above can be combined for your specific needs.  When you create your trademark style, you’re taking a giant step toward greater self-confidence and success.  Let’s work together to make it happen!

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