Style coaching can increase your confidence as well as make you look better.Imagine walking into a room confident that you’ll make
a great first impression on the people you are about to meet:

♦ You’re dressed in the style that’s just right for you and the occasion
♦ The colors you’re wearing compliment your features
♦ Your accessories add just the right touch

You’ve created your unique trademark style!

Your appearance makes your first impression and plays a large part in the way people relate to you.  Knowing you look your absolute best gives you the confidence you need to meet any situation, professional or personal, with your best foot forward!

An Investment with a Big Payoff

Learning what style and colors best suit you and developing your trademark style has a big payoff. In the long run, you will save money because you will be making better choices! You will understand color, know how to determine a quality garment, and identify correct fit. You’ll make smart purchases that will work with your current wardrobe and match your style personality. It’s truly an investment well worth making!

shopperTime Invested Means Time Saved

How much time do you spend deciding what to wear on any given day? What if you could go to your closet and just know what to grab?   Style Coaching can give you that freedom—no more deliberating or anguishing!

How I Work

It’s easy to get started on developing your trademark style.  Begin with one service or combine two or three and take advantage of special pricing. We can create a package that meets your individual needs.

I would love to work with you to create your trademark style. Please call 760.402.8990 or email me to learn how Style Coaching™ can transform your look and life!